Adventure awaits you


We provide only the best brands to make sure your outings are unforgettable. Urban bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. Wherever you go, adventure awaits you!


Wanna go for a ride?. Well, our bike rental ensures that all you need to worry about is having a good time.

Service and Repair

In need of an upgrade or having issues with your bike? Have no fear! The proven expertise of our service and repair is there for you.

Up for a ride?


It’s all about geometry

Bicycles are not created equally for men and women and there are some key aspects you should be familiar with. But which ones?

The most important difference between men’s and women’s bikes lies in the geometry of the frames. Women have a thinner and lighter bone structure compared to that of men. Furthermore, women are generally shorter than men, have shorter arms and legs, their sacral bone is closer to the horizontal, creating a smaller lumbosacral angle and women’s pelvis bones are a bit more separated.

Details such as these, as well as others, are reflected in the special design of bicycles for women with custom-made frames, exclusive saddles, shorter stems or handlebars and somewhat smaller improvements to make up for the difference in strength and other components adapted and designed to offer maximum comfort.

Two-Wheeled Glamour

Flair for both men and women

Better dead than plain. If you want to go for a ride just to have coffee with your friends, get to work/class or simply ride around town in style, we have the bike you need.

Your bike and the World

Through deserts, green valleys, dirt tracks, even moonlike landscapes and rock formations on a horizon that never ceases to change. The air is pure. It’s out of this world! Unreal places ready to be explored. Unforgettable moments with friends.

Adventure awaits you!

Take the leap!

Our product line of the best brands ensures you have unforgettable days. Wherever you go adventure awaits you!

Are you passionate about the road?

Road bikes

Road bikes

«Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you like. But ride.» (Eddy Merckx)

Feel the road!

Lightweight, aerodynamic and comfortable for long mileage. Wherever you go, adventure awaits!

Need a little help?

Electric bicycles


Kids’ bikes

Remember the first time you rode a bike? Children’s bikes are always full of fun and will be remembered for a lifetime. We have bicycles for boys and girls, even bicycles for them to start pedaling with, with aids and adjustable designs to adapt to constant growth.

Gear up!

Complements and Accessories for your bike and for you.

For your bike

Suspensions, Groups, Wheels, Saddles… gear up with the latest accessories for your bicycle.

For you

Helmets, Goggles, Cycling Jerseys/Shorts/Bibs, Gloves, Biomechanics, Nutrition… we have the best gear on the market.


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We have a team with proven experience. We like what we do and enjoy everything about the world of cycling. We train up, adapt to and advance with the latest technology.

Top brands

Professional standards and maintaining our independence to work with the best brands on the market allows us to offer our customers the best solution to their needs.

Technical Service

Only through specialization can the best technical solution be achieved. Therefore, we specialize and maintain ongoing training to offer quality and professional technical service to our customers.

Customer Service

A friendly approach and personal treatment are fundamental to address the needs and concerns of our customers. Clear goals and ideas will offer you the right solution.

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